Planning Our Awesome World Adventure

Planning Our Awesome World Adventure initially started with us going to take just a one year break from work and school and travelling during the year 2020. This quickly expanded into a year and a half, then two years, then three or more…. Also the question came up as to why were we waiting until 2020? And so we quickly (& very easily) decided to start our travel adventure as soon as we possibly could. So we did.

We started telling family and friends of our plans and they asked, “are you going to work as well or have you won the lottery?” Neither actually. We were going to sell our house and most of our things (except a few precious personal items that would be kindly stored by family), pack a couple of bags and head off to explore the world with our two boys.

We had purchased our three bedroom house in August 2012 in the West Auckland suburb of Glen Eden. We moved in as a family of 1.5 children when Lincoln was three. Nine days afterwards Braxton arrived (six days early) and we were now a family of four. We have lived in and loved our home for the past four and a half years and it sits on a pretty large section of land. Since this purchase, the Auckland property prices have increased dramatically and it’s only because of these changes in the housing market that have allowed us to set off on this world adventure for so long and without planning to work for at least the first few years.

So now, as of yesterday, Friday 10th March 2017, we have a ‘SOLD’ sticker on our real estate sign and we can now finally put all our planning into action!! First step – purchase those one way tickets departing New Zealand. First stop on our awesome world adventure itinerary….  Singapore.

– Paula


One thought on “Planning Our Awesome World Adventure

  1. Some people would say you are very brave! Yes it takes courage to sell up and do this! I would say you are very wise to seize the day and live this dream. I applaud you. Have a fantastic time.

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