The Final Countdowns

This post is inspired by a little chat I was having with Lincoln the other night before bed.  He had asked “how many more sleeps in our house before we go?” So we talked about that and a few other things that made us realise that the next 6 or so weeks will go by so, so quickly.

So here are a few of our countdowns we have on the go at the moment before the 6th of May 2017 arrives…. 

  • How many more lawn mows left = 1 (this is a big one for Logan as we have a very large section that usually take 2-3 hours to mow and trim the edges)
  • How many flights before we leave New Zealand = 2 (this is a quick trip to Nelson to visit some family & friends)
  • How many more full weekends before we leave = 5
  • How many more after school/daycare activities = 6
  • Days left at school/daycare = 14
  • Days left at work = 18
  • How many sleeps left in our house (kids) = 23
  • How many sleeps left in our house (adults) = 30
  • How many days until house take over/settlement date = 33
  • How many sleeps at family & friends houses before we depart (adults) = 11
  • How many sleeps at family & friends houses before we depart (kids) = 18
  • How many more total sleeps until we leave New Zealand to start our awesome world adventure = 41!!

And one extra one for Braxton….  How many more sleeps until Legoland = 46


And now, after an awesome weekend visiting family at One Tree Point in Northland, we started talking about some of the things we would miss about New Zealand and we did a few more lists….

Things we will miss –

  • Goes without saying, but obviously our awesome family & friends
  • New Zealand’s amazing food & wine

    • NZ beef, lamb & pork
    • Seafood (especially when you have gathered it yourself and eaten it super fresh like we did this weekend)
    • Kiwi roasts with all the trimmings 
    • Tasty milk and dairy products
    • Pavlova
    • Pineapple Lumps
  • Summer Christmases
  • Babysitters

Thing we won’t miss –

  • Traffic, particularly Auckland traffic
  • Alarms
  • Bad days at work
  • Weekly routines
  • Weekends being too short and too busy
  • Not having to worry about how to improve/upgrade the house/property
  • Unexpected bills
  • Bad neighbours
  • ALL the housework (although the laundry will still have to be done but this is actually one task I don’t mind)
  • Having to plan weekly meals
  • Logistics of kids after-school and weekend activities 

Things we are looking forward to –

  • All the different and amazing food
  • Living with, and experiencing so many different cultures
  • Seeing so many amazing historical sites
  • Stumbling across unexpected/hidden gems
  • The world as a classroom
  • The freedom to change our itinerary or plans as and when we want
  • Sharing this awesome world adventure as a family
  • Catching up with family & friends around the world
  • The excitement of the unknown

Things we aren’t looking forward to  

  • The scariness of the unknown (definitely think the excitement of the unknown outweighs the scariness, but it’s still there enough to be aware of it)
  • Trying to pack everything into 2 bags
  • Keeping a close eye on the budget
  • Remembering that water from a tap is not always safe & drinkable
  • Mysterious meat/food items
  • Trying to limit buying new things (we think family back in NZ will receive plenty of  packages of items we pick up along the way)

We also started a list of places or activities that we are really looking forward to, but that turned into a very long list and was basically just everything we want to do and all the countries we want to visit.  So then we tried to narrow it down to the top three things each member of the family can’t wait to see or do the most and that was just too hard; as this whole, huge thing of our awesome world adventure is number one on our list of things to see and do!!

– Ewers Family

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