Introducing Braxton’s BFF

There is one final member of our travelling party that we were never going to leave behind.  Luckily for us he does not take up much room and even though he is known to get lost on occasion resulting in full scale searches, he was always a definite inclusion.  Plus seeing Braxton go into “Hulk” mode if we said he couldn’t come on this adventure was very unappealing to Paula and I.

To say Braxton’s BFF has been through the wars is an understatement.  He already has the marks and scars to prove he has been on countless adventures with Braxton over the past 4 and a half years.  This includes a now unmistakable burn mark to his cheek after coming off second best with a lamp, which nearly resulted in the great fire of 2014.  His blue jacket with ribbon trim has lost it lustre & sparkle, he has a little less stuffing and even after a cycle through the washing machine his little tail is more grey and flat than white and fluffy.  But nonetheless, he has a very special place in Braxton’s life and has been a constant by his side, he is also the reigning family champion at hide and seek.

So without further adieu, please meet Peter Rabbit; affectionately known as “Rabbi”.  Rabbi was a gift to Braxton as a newborn and has always been his favourite friend and partner in crime.  Whether it is getting into mischief with Braxton and then being blamed for all the wrong doing or having his inability to fly, tested each and every day, he is always the first thing Braxton wants if he is hurt or sad; not even mum or dad, but we do come in a close second.

Peter Rabbit has already been on many a vacation, whether it has been to visit Nana & Poppa or Grandma & Grandad with Braxton and Lincoln or with us all to the Cook Islands and Vanuatu, he is already a pretty well travelled little rabbit.  He also enjoys visits to the zoo, supermarket, movies and even Ice Age Live.  He loves to snuggle into Braxton’s neck to sleep or cuddle and is quite partial to treats of chocolate (funnily enough, so is Braxton….)

So now, as long as Rabbi does not go walkabout to often, we are hoping to take him to all the amazing places we visit throughout the world whether it be Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or the Eifel Tower in Paris.  He will also be making an appearance on our blog with a special photo album just for him and his adventures.  So watch out for Peter Rabbit’s adventures in 2017 and beyond as it is almost guaranteed that he and Braxton will get into much more mischief than taking vegetables from Mr McGregor’s garden.

– Logan (& Braxton)

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