That’s a Work Wrap….

Well, that’s a work wrap folks and who knows how long for….

On Friday, Logan and I both had our last days at work. It was a very strange feeling, as often when you are leaving one workplace you have another to go to soon after, or you might be taking a smaller break to have children or something similar. But not for us this time, and while we have both been very fortunate to work with some really great people, (which doesn’t always happen!!) this time we are taking those one way flights out of lil’ old New Zealand and into the big wide world.

This week has gone by so incredibly fast, it was only a four day work week due to Easter and the boys were away spending some time with their Nana and Poppa. This meant we had some extra time after work and in the evenings to have some more catch ups and say some more “goodbyes”, and also have a special dinner with just the two of us at one of our favourite restaurants, The Grill.  It could be a long time before we have another child free meal!!

The house is getting very empty and even starting to echo. We are all sleeping on borrowed airbeds and mattresses and there is no more lounge furniture or washing machine. It looks more like we are just starting out in a flat after leaving home at 18, rather than packing up the family home to head off on our kiwi family OE.

We had also been putting off doing our trial pack, into just our 2 main bags; but it has now actually happened and it went pretty well, we didn’t freak out (“what the hell are we doing?!?!) and we didn’t need to cull too much extra.

This weekend was another busy one; the boys returned home, we spent time with Logan’s brother & his family, Braxton had his good friend Flynn’s 5th birthday party to attend and we caught up with some very good friends of ours and the boys.  Three families, all with two boys each, and about the same ages. The older boys; Lincoln, Cooper and Connor, all went to day care together and then their younger brothers; Braxton, Austin and Flynn followed a couple of years later. This was a pretty hard goodbye for me; we all have each other’s backs and we’ve had so many amazing times over the years, discussing the “joys” of raising boys, lots of laughs, a few tears and plenty of wine!!  Will definitely miss these lovelies and our girls nights (or days).C8962B25-E749-413D-87A1-339E06D271BCSo now, we have just under two weeks left in New Zealand (bloody hell – where has the time gone?!?!) and that will be spent cleaning the house for the final time, visting the lawyer and bank, donating our final few items, attending an ANZAC Day service, flying to Nelson to see family and friends and then driving north of Auckland to see even more family and friends. And all this before Saturday the 6th of May 2017 arrives….

– Paula

4 thoughts on “That’s a Work Wrap….

  1. I have read this 10 times today and keep welling up. Larbey and me will be here when you get back. Older, probably not wiser and definitely a lot more stressed as our boys enter teenage years. I am so proud you are brave enough to do this trip and I expect bludy hilarious stories along the way. Love ya bae.

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