Kids Review

What was your favourite part of the Legoland Hotel and why?

Lincoln – The Lego fun pits because they had big Lego blocks that you could build things out of. I built towers that were bigger than me.

Braxton – I liked the disco lifts because when you went in they had a disco party going.

What was your favourite part of the Adventure Room and why?

L – I liked the treasure hunt as we had to find different clues hidden in the room and once we solved it we got some Lego.

B – The bunk beds, because Lincoln and I could sleep on different levels. I also liked the treasure hunt and answering the clues with Lincoln.

What type of foods could you have for breakfast at Legoland hotel?

L – You can have cereal, eggs, waffles, toast, there was lots and lots of different things. My favourite was the donuts!

B – Chocolate cereal, baked beans, pancakes, donuts, chocolate biscuits.

What was your favourite rides at Legoland and why?

L – The Technics rollercoaster, I went on it with Mum two times it was really fast. I also liked the Ninjago 3D ride as you pretended you were a ninja and had to fight the evil characters in Ninjago like skeletons and snakes.

B – The horse jousting ride, and the ninja ride because we went on it together and had to pretend to be a ninja.

What did you do at your Lego driving schools?

L – I had a Lego car to drive and they had a small town set up with signs and traffic lights. There was also signs that said certain things which you had to do such as follow the road rules. If we followed the rules we got a Lego drivers license at the end.

B – I got to drive around a track in a red Lego car and I also got a Lego license.

What happened in the Lego Ninjago live show at Legoland?

L – The ninjas went on an adventure with a dragon, the dragon turned into a dark dragon but they managed to turn it back into a light dragon.

B – It was dark and the ninjas had to rescue the dragon.

What was your favourite part of Legoland Water Park?

L – I really liked the lazy river as you could build boats, we built two boats but they did not get all the way around. Braxton sat in the boats we made. I also liked one of the hydroslides that you could sit in a double tube with someone else, I went with Dad and we went super fast.

B – The lazy river as you go under bridges and build a raft out of Lego. I also liked the big water playground because they had lots of water spraying and slides in it.

How would you describe Legoland and Legoland Water Park?

L – Fun, lots of rides, exciting, lots of rides for more than 1 person at a time so we could go on rides together, cool, interesting, amazing.

B – Cool, awesome, so fun.

Was there anything about Legoland, the Legoland Water park or the Legoland Hotel you did not like?

L – No, I didn’t like leaving though.

B – I liked everything.

How many points out of 10 would you give it?

L – 10!

B – It’s super good – 10.

– Lincoln and Braxton

Photo 11-05-17, 1 15 32 PM

Adults Review

Thursday 11th May 2017 was Legoland day!! The boys, particularly Braxton, had been counting down to this day for months. We needed to be at the bus by 8.30am for a 9am departure and not knowing what Singapore’s morning rush hour traffic might be like, we decided to check out around 7am and taxi to the travel agent/bus departure point by the Singapore Flyer. The taxi trip was quite quick and we arrived around 7.40am and grabbed some breakfast. Not a lot of options so we had Subway and our most expensive meal in Singapore ($27 SGD/NZD). After a little wait, they started loading the buses around 8.30am and we managed to be at the front of the queue for our bus, so the boys headed to the top deck and nabbed the front two seats and lots of leg room space. We sat behind them and actually the bus was pretty comfortable, had nice air conditioning and we still had plenty of leg room and foot rests.


Everyone was loaded up and we ended up leaving 20 mins early. It took about 70 mins to get to the border and another 70 mins for our bus load to get through immigration to leave Singapore and set off again. This was mostly due to a few strangling passengers who didn’t come back to the bus as soon as they had been processed through immigration and the driver had to go searching for them. A quick trip over the bridge (Tuas Second Link) and we were in Malaysia. Going through customs and entering Malaysia was quick and pain-free, no paperwork, no questions; just a quick scan of your index fingers, a token x-ray of your luggage and the bus was reloaded and back on the road in under 20 mins this time.

Not long after entering Malaysia, we started to get glimpses of the Legoland Hotel, and although Braxton had seen, and had shown us, plenty of YouTube videos of Legolands around the world and Legoland Hotels, finally seeing the real thing was pretty amazing.

Legoland Hotel looks exactly like it is made of lots of colourful Lego bricks, with a large dragon guarding over the entrance, and all the Lego treasure behind it. Entering the hotel is like immediately returning to your childhood, with life-sized Lego creations and blocks scattered throughout the foyer. Everywhere you look there is Lego construction and all of us were amazed at the attention to detail used.

The concierge and reception was seamless and simple and before we knew it we had checked-in and were off to explore the hotel. One of the surprises we found was that the lifts all had a disco ball in them and when you pushed your floor button music came on, the lights went out and the disco ball came on, we found ourselves all having a little dance in the lifts for each ride.

However, we couldn’t ride the lifts all day as we had booked tickets for entry into Legoland for our first day, so before we knew it we were off to the park and experiencing the rides. As it should, Legoland is aimed at children, although there is more than enough rides to keep any adult entertained as well and we saw plenty of adults without kids. The day we went, a Thursday outside school holidays, there was little to no wait on any of the rides we wanted to go on. Which was appreciated by the whole family that we didn’t have to wait in the heat for too long at any one time. The Ninjago 3D ride was a standout for the family and we all enjoyed being ninjas for 5 – 10 minutes fighting skeletons and snakes. Lincoln proved to be the sensei of the family, top scoring for us while Braxton managed to save Logan from a few sneaky attacks from skeletons.

Throughout exploring Legoland it was noticed that more than a few displays needed a good clean and water blast to get back the bright colours everyone associates with Lego. Also, the day we were there, ‘The Dragon’ rollercoaster ride was closed for maintenance, this and not being able to enter the big castle was a disappointment to Braxton, however the smaller ‘Dragon’s Apprentice’ rollercoaster was open and was plenty to keep our hearts and screams alive. We also thought there would be more Lego characters roaming around the park to take photos of and with, but we only saw one, just before we left the park for the day around 5.30pm. Bit of a shame, although Braxton wasn’t keen on a photo anyway and while there will most often be one or two rides closed at theme parks due to one thing or another and the need for a bit of a brick spruce up, these were not enough to put any kind of damper on the park itself.

Photo 11-05-17, 10 45 04 PM

The following day we went to the Legoland Water Park which, although a lot smaller than Legoland, was just as much fun as we spent the day riding hydroslides, exploring the water playground area and floating down the lazy river. The range of slides at the park was impressive with several slides also being for 2 or more people at a time and one of the rides we could all get in a large raft together. Braxton missed out on a couple of rides as he wasn’t quite tall enough (107cm minimum) but nonetheless we had another fun-filled day. As we were staying at the hotel, we could also leave the water park and re-enter if needed throughout the day and locker hire at the water park was pretty reasonable. A small locker did us fine for the day (20 MYR/$6.65 NZD) with multiple entries into the locker possible.

A fantastic two days worth of fun, for both kids and adults!! We are definitely glad we went during the week though, as when we checked out of the hotel on Saturday morning, the place was heaving with people. So very pleased we didn’t have to think about standing in those lines….

For more on the Legoland Hotel, click here for our review and our Facebook page also has lots more photos.

– Logan and Paula


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