Sunday Roast Lunch (with Champagne) at The Ritz-Carlton KL

When Logan’s sister and brother-in-law visited KL earlier this year, one of the main things we heard about was the amazing Sunday Lunch (with free flow Champagne, wine and beer) at The Ritz-Carlton. Once we had arrived in KL and found that The Ritz was on the same street as our apartment, just 650m up the road, and that my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, it just seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

I knew that the prices would be WAY over our budget but I contacted the hotel to get some more information so I could present my findings to Logan and try to sway him. The hotel returned my email with details about their ‘Sunday Roast in The Library’ and I found out through further emails that children under 6 years were free (bonus, that’s Braxton sorted) and children aged 6-12 years were 99 MYR ($33 NZD), not too bad for Lincoln either. The cost for adults was 198 MYR ($66 NZD) or 398 MYR ($132.67 NZD) with free flow Champagne, wine and beer. This seemed like a pretty good deal and we could stay for the full 3 hours (12pm-3pm) if we so wished; so we were pretty confident that we could get our money’s worth over this timeframe. I had read on another blogger’s site that The Ritz-Carlton KL also had a kids corner, ‘Ritz Kids’, to help entertain children while their parents ate (and drank), and this was confirmed in a further email from the lovely assistant manager of The Library at The Ritz, Adrianah, that I had been conversing with.

We decided that as we weren’t going to be having large birthdays while we were travelling and we hadn’t been having much (decent) alcohol since leaving New Zealand, that this would be an extra special treat for me (the birthday girl) and Logan (and the kids); YAY – so the booking was made. By the time the week rolled around leading up to our Sunday booking, Logan and I were VERY looking forward to it. When Sunday 11th June finally arrived, the boys had bought me a couple of small gifts to give to me in the morning, we FaceTimed our parents back in NZ and then started to get ready for our lunch. While the dress code was noted as ‘casual’, we managed to scrub up ok and I even decided to apply a bit of makeup and hope it didn’t slide off my face on the short walk to the hotel in the height of the midday KL sun.

Ewers Family

We wandered down the road towards The Ritz and arrived just on midday, determined to make the most of our 3 hours. The delightful air conditioning hit us as we entered the hotel and took the edge of the heat we had just been out in. We made our way upstairs towards The Library and began to hear the delightful tones coming from the live band, and they continued to add another plesesant level throughout the lovely meal.

Live Band

As we were greeted and shown to our table, we began eyeing up all the delicious looking food, beautifully presented and ready for us to experience. The boys were very keen to get their plates and start on the food as soon as we sat down; so as we were delivered our complimentary Bloody Mary on arrival, Lincoln and Braxton got themselves some prawns, chocolate eclairs and strawberries to start. Logan and I had been seriously contemplating the pace we should set for the next 3 hours, so as our flutes were will filled with the pour of the day, Champagne Canard-Duchêne, we made our way towards the cold selection and were immediately impressed with the selection and presentation and taste soon followed.

Food Selection

Next up, the boys had found the sushi selection and did multiple trips back and forth devouring a large part of it. We expanded past the sushi and hit the oysters with a red wine shallot vinaigrette (a huge favourite of ours) and other varies seafood choices such as, clams, mussels and crayfish.


Lincoln moved along to the hot meat selection by having some roast beef and vegetables and proclaimed, “this is really good!” Braxton had moved back to more prawns and strawberries and trying any other chocolate based items he could find. As Logan and I tried the roast beef and lamb, our very attentive waiter, Deepak, who had never let our flutes get too low with Champagne; enquired if we would like to try some of the Argentinian Cab Sauv with our red meats and we decided “why not”. It was pretty damn good as well.

Roast and red wine

By this time, just over an hour in to our meal, one of the very attentive staff came to our table and asked if the boys would like to go over to the kids corner to do some activities. This area was filled with all sorts of different sized teddy bears and plenty of things to keep the boys amused for a good part of the lunch and Logan and I had some time together to enjoy more food and wine.

Ritz Kids Corner

Delectable air-dried meat with melon balls, more seafood, roast meats and accompaniments, desserts, fresh fruit and cheeses, and of course, just a little more Champagne – it was all SO good!! Definitely well worth a mention on our ‘Food Adventures’ page as well….

Air dried meat & fresh fruit

Just after 2pm, the boys had returned to show us what they had been up to and to have another helping of some of their favourites. We had brought along the iPads and headphones as well (just in case) so the boys spent the last 30 minutes or so sitting with the oversized teddy bears in a couple of oversized chairs as there were plenty of spare seats. On the Sunday that we were there, there were probably only another 5 or 6 groups in the fairly large space of The Ritz’s Library, so the whole experience was very relaxed and enjoyable.

There was also a large and varied selection of different spirits and whiskeys, at addition cost, if you so wished to particate; however we were quite happy to continue with the delicious Champagne on offer. As we neared 3pm, we also went back to a few of our favourites to finish off with and agreed we had definitely got our money’s worth (probably of Champagne alone!!) and were very pleased that we had decided to splash out on this occasion.

Drink Selection

One thing I would mention is that there isn’t anything about this amazing offer on The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur’s website, so we were very lucky to have had the recommendation from Logan’s sister, which is also on her wine blog – Travelling Corkscrew, or we may have never known about it. For anyone interested in attending this event at The Ritz-Carlton KL, I would suggestion emailing them first – or sending a message via their Facebook page.

From now on, I will be making sure to do plenty of research about other similar offers when there is a special day to celebrate or we are in need of an extra special treat.

– Paula

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