Canada – More Petsitting on Vancouver Island, This Time in Campbell River

After our mini break on Pender Island we were back to Vancouver Island for our second petsit assignment.

This was actually the very first sit we confirmed via, but when another sit came up a few weeks prior, and in pretty close proximity, we were able to apply. Once confirmed it was quite easy to adjust our travel plans in Asia, head to Canada earlier and complete a sit before coming to this one in Campbell River. That’s one thing about having our own vehicle, we can make travel adjustments quite easily and travel longer distances if we need to, to get between locations.

Our hosts asked us to arrive in the early evening one Friday, so with catching the midday ferry from Pender Island we had plenty of time to travel the 300kms which included one stop for dinner and another at our favourite North America store…. Walmart!! If you get a Walmart ‘supercentre’ you get pretty much everything you might need under one roof and we needed to look into getting some warmer clothes and possibly even some snow gear.

driving to campbell river_vancouver island_bc_canada
One of the many viewpoints travelling up the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Our home owners were a lovely couple and we met our next furry friends, a brother and sister Labradoodle duo, Banner and Isis. We were in a beautiful spot with fantastic sunrises and views of the ocean.labradoodle siblings_campbell river_bc_canadaWe had a few rainy days during our nine days in Campbell River but we got out and about as much as we could with the dogs. One of our favourite walks was in Elk Falls Provincial Park which saw us venture into the Campbell River Canyon and across suspension bridge. The area was so beautiful and the beginning of the autumn colours again reminded us of home.elk falls provincial park_campbell river_vancouver island_bc_canadaAnother incredible day was visiting the Quinsam River Hatchery. We had gone to learn a little about salmon as Campbell River is considered the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’…. We wandered through the information centre and learnt a few things before heading to the river trail. At this time of year (early October) we had seen numerous signs about bears being in the area but we were yet to encounter any. We spent some time by the river, watching the salmon jumping and the birds looking for snacks. We were just about to leave when Logan spotted a very cool sight, slightly up from us and on the other side of the river, a black bear!! Our first ever sighting in the wild. After a walk along the rocks the bear found an easier fishing spot but unfortunately we couldn’t get directly opposite him as there was a fence on our side of the river. We left the river buzzing at this incredible experience and added another wild animal sighting to our list.quinsam river hatchery_campbell river_vancourver island_bc_canadaWe enjoyed our time in Campbell River and the petsits have given us the opportunity to visit areas that we may not have done otherwise. Again, during this sit we had another lovely kitchen so we prepared more tasty meals. The boys enjoy cooking and it’s great to have more time to assist them and encourage them to participate more in this activity. We also had some time for some rainy day, family fun.

fun in campbell river_vancouver island_bc_canada
Jigsaw puzzles, movies, deer visiting the front lawn and roasting marshmallows.

A few weeks prior, during our first petsit in Sooke, we had been lucky enough to confirm yet another sit, starting just a few days after our time in Campbell River was up. So we had four days to drive 160kms, take a 1 hour 40 minute ferry and then drive another 1,000 kms to Calgary in Alberta. Look out for our next post recalling our adventures over those four days…

Average Daily Spend for 10 nights – $69.92 NZD ($217.58 under budget per day)

– Paula

If anyone might be interested in house/pet sitting and would like to sign up to (this is the site we use), then please feel free to use our referral code, RAF145453 at checkout or click this link to get 25% off your membership.

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