Canada – Petsitting in the Suburbs of Calgary

Our third petsit had us nestled into suburbia about 30 minutes south of the centre of Calgary and looking after two sweet dogs, Ginger and Willow.

After our big encounter with snow at Lake Louise, the boys were very excited when we woke up the first morning in Calgary to the startings of more snow. There was a large grass area straight across the road from our house sit so we had a large area to play and build snow castles but there wasn’t quite enough snow for a good sized snowman. After a few hours they came back inside for lunch and then headed out again for some more fun. By late afternoon it had warmed up and the snow was starting to melt and that was the last we saw of any snow during our stay, but then again, it was only mid October.

We were still in “go slow” mode after the past few months of much quicker travel than we had been used to, so we were really enjoying the quiet days. The dogs we were caring for, Ginger (a British Bulldog) and Willow (a Coton de Tulear) were pretty chilled and older and didn’t need too much exercise.

ginger and willow_petsit in calgary_alberta_canada
Willow slept a lot and Ginger liked to play with his watermelon toy

So we found some other activities to get out and do, including our newly found pastime of disc golf. We found there was a course not too far from us, so one sunny day we headed along to get some fresh air and exercise. We were getting ready to start the course when we got chatting to two guys that were looking very professional with their wide array of discs and disc trundlers. One had spent quite a few years in New Zealand and even designed the disc golf course in Lower Hutt!! Just amazing how small the world can feel sometimes when our list of countries we want to visit continues to grow and the world feels SO big. We all did the bulk of the course, with Logan and Lincoln doing the last few “holes” by themselves while Braxton found a pile of snow to play in. This course was very different to the one we completed on Pender Island, not so many trees and rocks to navigate but long rolling hills to get the heart rate going and some stunning mountain scenery.lloyd park disc golf course_calgary_alberta_canadaIn between a bit of school work we explored a few playgrounds in the area and generally just enjoyed some relaxed family time together.playgrounds_calgary_alberta_canadaA few days before our sit was due to finish we had a message from the owners to say they might have to come home early as one of their employees was no longer able to cover some days for them. It wasn’t a big deal for us as we hadn’t made any bookings and sometimes these things happen. It was going to cut our sit by a few nights but we decided  if it did, we would go straight to America a few days early, which was actually going to give us a few more days to cover more ground. And we certainly had plenty of U.S road to travel, so we started doing a little more planning so that if they did return early we had our first few days organised.

And so it was confirmed that they would return home earlier than expected, late on the Thursday evening. They were happy for us to head off after dinner so we packed up and headed towards the border, ready for our 90 days in the U.S of A…. or so we thought….

Average Daily Spend for 6 nights – $73.10 NZD ($214.40 under budget per day)

– Paula

If anyone might be interested in house/pet sitting and would like to sign up to (this is the website we use), then please feel free to use our referral code, RAF145453 at checkout or click this link to get 25% off your membership.

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