American Roadtrip | Pennsylvania – Gettysburg & The City of Brotherly Love

After a simple re-entry into America we continued our roadtrip towards Pennsylvania, but first we couldn’t resist a stop for lunch at ‘the birthplace of the buffalo chicken wing’.

From the Niagara Falls border crossing (A) it was a simple 30 minute drive to Buffalo (B), it was so cold and there was plenty more snow and sludge on the streets. We arrived at Anchor Bar, established in 1935, ready to see and taste the original buffalo wing recipe invented in 1964. The story goes that one night Dominic Bellissimo was tending bar at the now-famous Anchor Bar when a group of his friends arrived and needed something to eat. Dominic asked his mother, Teressa, if she could prepare something. There wasn’t much on hand, just the part of the chicken that usually went into the stock pot for soup, the wings. She deep fried them and flavoured them with a secret sauce, then served them with bleu cheese and celery. They were an instant hit and it didn’t take long for people to flock to the bar to experience this new taste sensation. They have been a regular part of the menu ever since with their recipe being a closely guarded secret.Anchor Bar_Buffalo_New York_AmericaWe looked over the menu and decided on the following; Lincoln stuck to original wings, I picked spicy BBQ and Logan took a risk and ordered the ‘suicidal’ wings. Braxton actually decided to pass on wings and opted for spaghetti and meatballs instead. The wings were really good but nothing super spectacular, Logan thought his would be more of a chilli flavour but it was peppercorns instead.

suicide buffalo wings_anchor bar_buffalo_new york_america
Logan’s ‘suicidal’ buffalo wings

After lunch we continued on for about two hours and stayed the night in Bath, NY (C) at Days Inn by Wyndham Bath Hammondsport (see our Wyndham Properties review here). The next day was just a short drive of 355 kms to take us through to Gettysburg (D) and another Wyndham stay.Roadtrip Map 14The following morning it was so so cold, so thankfully the Gettysburg National Military Park is so large that it’s a drive tour, which we navigated on our own with the help of a free map and some audio guide apps. The official tour is just under 40 kms in total and we did almost all of it. Stopping a few times along the way at some of the points of interest. It was a shame that the wind was so bitterly cold as we couldn’t spent much time outside of the car whenever we did stop.Gettysburg National Military Park_Pennsylvania_AmericaThe area is incredible, there are approximately 1,328 monuments, markers and memorials throughout the park and around 370 restored cannons (of the approximately 653 assigned to the two armies) remain in position to battle lines used during those three bloody days. Gettysburg National Military Park_Pennsylvania_America_1.jpgOur last stop was the Soldier’s National Cemetery to view the memorial to President Abraham Lincoln and see the location of his famous speech, the Gettysburg Address. It was incredible to see these significant locations in history in person.Soldier’s National Cemetery_Gettysburg_PennsylvaniaAfter Gettysburg we drove 90 minutes to spend a few days in the capital (E), but we’ll come back to that in the next blog post because after Washington D.C we returned to Pennsylvania, and the city of brotherly love (F). Well, we actually stayed in Cherry Hill in New Jersey state because it was much cheaper than Philadelphia and it was only a 10-15 minute drive away. Unfortunately we only had one full day in Philly and it was a rainy one, but that didn’t stop us making the most of our day.

First stop was the Philadelphia Museum of Art for something Logan has wanted to do for a long time…. re-enact the Rocky movie and run up those famous steps. Lincoln was keen to do it with Logan so Braxton and I walked to the top, ready to capture their moment. With the rain there wasn’t too many people around but just as they were getting to the top someone walked right in front of me videoing their achievement. So, they had to do a second take.Philadelphia Museum of Art_Pennsylvania_AmericaWe drove into the centre of the city and immediately loved the architecture and feel of the place. It was a Saturday, less than two weeks before Christmas, so even in the rainy drizzle there were plenty of people at the Christmas markets in Love Park. We made a stop there and then headed to find some lunch; since we were in Philly, we couldn’t go past a Philly Cheesesteak.Philadelphia Love Park_Pennsylvania_Americacampo's philly cheesesteaks_philadelphia_pennsylvania_americaBefore lunch we had secured some free tickets for an afternoon tour of Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence and U.S Constitution were both debated and signed) and the Liberty Bell. As we have previously experienced, the National Park Service Rangers did another wonderful job with the tour through the hall and we then made our own way through the Liberty Bell exhibition.Independence Hall_Liberty Ball_Philadelphia_Pennsylvania_AmericaWe had a fantastic day and it didn’t take long for us to wish we had longer in this historic location. Definitely another place in the USA that we would return to and highly recommend.

Average Daily Spend for 4 nights – $241.19 NZD ($46.31 under budget per day)

– Paula

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