American Roadtrip | Washington D.C

In between our two Pennsylvania adventures we spent a few days in the U.S. capital and found our way to numerous iconic and imposing monuments, buildings and movie locations.

After Gettysburg we drove 90 minutes to Washington D.C and stayed right on the state border with Maryland at an Airbnb with the famous Pennsylvania Avenue just around the corner (read our review here). 

It was nice to have a bigger living space so we took the time to have a couple of quieter days to relax and recharge a little and catch up on a bit of schooling and life admin.

After our break we were ready for a good explore. We parked at a nearby metro station and found our way to Arlington National Cemetery (which is technically in the state of Virginia) where we watched the changing of the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and visited the grave sites of JFK and Jackie O. Arlington National Cemetery_ Virginia_America.jpgWe travelled back into D.C and spent some time wandering around West Potomac Park where we saw some incredibly well known structures and some beautiful monuments.

Including –

The Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool_Washington DC_America
With a son named Lincoln we couldn’t miss this iconic memorial

Korean War Veterans MemorialKorean War Veterans Memorial_Washinton DC_AmericaMartin Luther King Jnr MemorialMartin Luther King Jnr Memorial_Washington DC_AmericaThomas Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial_Washington DC_America
From across the tidal basin

The World War II MemorialThe World War II Memorial_Washinton DC_AmericaThe Washington Monument

The Washington Monument_Washington DC_America
When this honour to George Washington was completed in 1884, it was the tallest building in the world, standing proud at 169m.

Capitol HillCapitol Hill_Washington DC_AmericaThe National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas Tree_Washington DC_America
This tree has been in Ellipse Park since 1973. Each year the President lights the tree on Christmas Eve.

And of course…

The White House 

The White House_Washington DC_America_1
It was a beautiful sunny day but not at all warm

Another amazing day out walking and scooting around the American capital. They certainly love a monument here as well as having many iconic buildings. We recalled numerous movies and TV shows that featured some of the ones we saw and couldn’t believe we were actually in amongst them all. Such a dream day.

Being aware that all the Smithsonian locations are free entry and with the boys loving animals we decided to check out the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. It certainly wasn’t one of the best animal encounters we have had, but they seemed to be doing quite a lot of renovations and enclosure upgrades while we were there and the boys enjoyed it. Including seeing a few new animals for the first time such as wolves and beavers.

After D.C (B) we returned to Pennsylvania and the Fresh Prince’s hometown of Philadelphia (C) (which you can read about here) and then we were off to spend a few days in Atlantic City (D).Roadtrip Map 15From Philadelphia we drove 100 kms to Atlantic City (D) and it was in this part of America that we started to experience our first lot of road tolls. Logan had once again managed to get us some complimentary nights with our Caesars Rewards program, so we stayed three nights at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino (read our review here).

At this time of year a lot of things had “closed for the season” and while we had nice sunny days, the temperatures weren’t even getting close to double digits. We walked and scooter the extensive beachside boardwalk, but didn’t get up to too much else. Atlantic City_New Jersey_AmericaWe knew we had a couple of busy and exciting weeks ahead with Lincoln’s 10th birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all to be celebrated in The Big Apple. 

Average Daily Spend for 9 nights – $217.45 NZD ($70.05 under budget per day)

– Paula

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