American Roadtrip | Nevada – Las Vegas 2.0

On the morning of the 28th of April I found myself enjoying my standard Super 8 breakfast a little more than usual. This was because today we would be returning to one of my absolute favourite places, Las Vegas! So with the Vegas music playlist dusted off and returned to our car’s stereo for the two hour drive from Cedar City, Utah. I was again, returning to one of my happy places.

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American Roadtrip | Nevada – Las Vegas

Our next stop on our epic North American road trip was none other than Sin City. This city built in the midst of the desert is unlike anywhere else in the world, and I had been waiting a long eight years to return. Although billed as an “adult’s playground”, there is so much for children to experience and enjoy that it should not be written off by families.

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American Roadtrip | California – Bodie Ghost Town and Yosemite National Park

After our day of quaffing wines in Napa we travelled further east towards the Nevada/California border, and just inside the California border is a true bona fide ghost town named Bodie.

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Shanghai and It’s Incomparable Skyline

Our fourth and final stop in China was to be it biggest city. After several months of what seemed like constant travelling, we decided on spending five nights in Shanghai. Admittedly though we had little planned for our stay and decided to take it pretty easy during our time there. Braxton’s sixth birthday would also fall during our stay, for which he was completely in charge of the day, but more on that later.

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Xi’an – Home of the Hidden Army

Through the magic of high-speed train travel and after a mere four hours, we found ourselves 700km north of Chengdu in the city of Xi’an (pronounced ‘Shee-Ahn’). SPOILER ALERT – I absolutely loved Xi’an so this blog might be a little gushy. Continue reading “Xi’an – Home of the Hidden Army”

Hong Kong – A City of Skyscrapers

As soon as we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport we knew we were arriving in a city unlike anything we had experienced before. The airport itself is so big that we had to take a light rail train from our arrival hall to immigration and baggage claim.

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