Road Trip in Northern Ireland – Belfast, Giant’s Causeway & The Dark Hedges

From Ireland we simply continued our road trip into Northern Ireland. This was the first time we had ever crossed a land border into another country without any passport checks. So what did we get up to in Northern Ireland? Continue reading “Road Trip in Northern Ireland – Belfast, Giant’s Causeway & The Dark Hedges”

A Surprise Trip Home – Part 1 – Australia

Logan and I decided to plan a trip back to New Zealand in between leaving North America and before we went to Europe. We thought we would make it a surprise trip home for a few weeks and that included trying to keep it a surprise for Lincoln and Braxton too.

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Canada – Vancouver – Our Final North American Stop

After beginning our North American adventures in Vancouver in September 2018 it was now time to return eight months later, sell the vehicle we had purchased there and continue to our next continent.

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American Roadtrip | Nevada – Las Vegas 2.0

On the morning of the 28th of April I found myself enjoying my standard Super 8 breakfast a little more than usual. This was because today we would be returning to one of my absolute favourite places, Las Vegas! So with the Vegas music playlist dusted off and returned to our car’s stereo for the two hour drive from Cedar City, Utah. I was again, returning to one of my happy places.

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