Malaysia, Johor – Legoland Hotel

As we rounded the corner we could see the top of the much anticipated Legoland Hotel Malaysia. The boys had already done plenty of research on this accommodation spot via YouTube, so we had a pretty good idea on what to expect but the real thing was just incredible. There was plenty of colour in the hotel – red, green, yellow and blue ‘bricks’ – outside and in.

Legoland Hotel

In the lobby of the hotel there are plenty of activities to keep the kids amused, lots of Lego to build with and a castle and pirate ship to play in. There is also another play area through the lobby, past the Lego shop, towards ‘Bricks’ Restaurant. Here there are standard Duplo and Lego bricks to build with but also some giant Lego bricks, as well as a Xbox Kinect with a dance game playing.

We went first entered our Adventure Room the boys immediately found the instructions to complete their treasure hunt. They had to solve 4 clues hidden within the room to get the combination to unlock the treasure box. Inside was a lego figure and a bigger lego set to build and keep.

This is a prime example of how to do a family room (some hotels or resorts market themselves as “family” accommodation but they just can’t get a good family room set up quite right). In our room there was a bunk bed with an extra bed underneath so you could possibly even have 3 children in the same room. The children’s area also has a small TV while the king bed is in another space separated by a sliding door with another TV and small fridge. The walls and carpet were adored with all sorts of animals, including spiders, snakes and bugs. There were Lego models throughout the room and the bathroom had two sinks, one for adults and one at kids height.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia has 7 levels, 2 each of the different room types – Adventure, Kingdom and Pirate and coming soon they are going to be adding some Ninjago rooms. There were pools on the 5th floor, a larger, deeper one and a smaller one for younger kids, that looked out over the Legoland park.

Breakfast buffet at ‘Bricks’ restaurant is included as part of the room rate and can’t be unselected, which is a bit of a pain when we would prefer to eat more local foods. The buffet did have a huge selection of food types but the added cost is probably not needed for some guests if you only wished to pay for the room.

As is was nearly 6pm by the time we had finished at the park on the first night and it had been a long day coming over from Singapore, we decided to eat at the hotel. They have a couple of different restaurants (as well as room service) within the hotel; Italian, a sushi bar or the buffet at ‘Bricks’. We checked out the sushi bar but it didn’t seem that child friendly and was pretty expensive so we let the kids win and we ate at Bricks. Again, the buffet had a huge selection but it’s still mostly mass produced food with a few ‘cook to order’ stations set up. There was a kids activity set up where they could decorate their own muffins so the boys enjoyed that. As it was a Thursday night the buffet dinner was slightly cheaper than during the peak weekend days (Sunday – Thursday rates are 108 MYR ($35 NZD) for adults and 58 MYR ($20 NZD) for children). While this isn’t overly expensive for a hotel restaurant, it was compared with how little we had been spending on meals.

There isn’t too much close by to the Legoland hotel at this stage, but there is a lot of construction going on in this area:

  • Medini Mall & Mini street with a selection of food outlets and stores – 100m (directly across from the entrance to Legoland itself). We ate at one of these food outlets on the Friday night – much nicer and cheaper (72 MYR/$24 NZD for the 4 of us with drinks) than a buffet.

Overall, two nights at the Legoland Hotel equalled fun, fun, fun for the whole family and we are all glad we stayed here for the full Lego experience. Cost per night (including buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids) was $275 NZD (830 MYR).