Taiwan, Jiufen – Slowly B&B

Jiufen was a pretty expensive area for accommodation but we wanted to explore the area for a couple of days so we booked a three night stay at Slowly B&B via booking.com.

We found the location after walking through the “mostly” pedestrian, Jiufen Old Street, and were greeted by two staff that didn’t speak much English but enough to ask us to wait a few minutes. A young lady arrived who spoke English and helped us check-in, we crossed the road to another building and were led downstairs to room ‘1F’. It was nice and cool but we still had plenty of windows as the building (as most are in Jiufen) was built on the side of the mountain.Slowly B&B_Jiufen_TaiwanWe had a ‘standard double room with two double beds’, this was a comfortable 50 m² space with two large beds, a couch, large TV, air conditioning unit and Wi-Fi was very good. The separate bathroom had a toilet & huge bath with shower head, this was mounted on the wall quite low which we found odd and if it was mounted a little higher it would have been perfect. Vanity was in an alcove outside the bathroom with plenty of space. Slowly B&B_Jiufen_Taiwan_1Breakfast was very nice and available for collection at 8.30m, a 3 slice layered sandwich with tasty homemade meat patty, cucumber, fried egg and pickled carrot along with coffees. It would have been nice if two of the coffees had been supplemented for something else for the kids.Slowly B&B_Jiufen_Taiwan_2We didn’t have much interaction with staff but they were friendly and we were delivered fresh towels, complimentary bottled water and toiletries each day.

Distant to:

  • Jiufen Old Street – 350m
  • 7 Eleven – 750m
  • Bus Stop (1062 bus from Taipei) – 850m
  • Bus Stop (1062 bus to Taipei) – 900m
  • Mount Keelung Trail Entrance – 1.1km

Jiufen is a town built in the mountains so it is a multi-level maze of streets, alleyways and  staircases. Lots of places to explore off the main “old street” especially once the day-trippers arrive between about 10am-6pm.

Price = $113.50 NZD per night (included breakfast)