Thailand, Chiang Mai – Viengping Mansion

When looking for a four week rental in Chiang Mai, Logan’s parents were also needing a two week rental, preferably close by. There weren’t too many choices and prices overall in Chiang Mai were higher than other spots we had previously stayed in but we found two apartments in the Viengping Mansion building; wasn’t exactly what we would call “a mansion”, maybe a slight ‘lost in translation’?? The outside (and some of the inside) of the building hasn’t been maintained well, however the apartments that we stayed in have been refurbished and there are a few other apartments currently being worked on. We took the smaller of the two apartments available for our stay (two bedrooms, one bathroom) as it had a better bed configuration (one queen and one set of bunks).Viengping Mansion_Chiang MaiAfter being in some larger apartments and houses this was a bit of a shock to our family at first but it was by no means uncomfortable. The 50sqm apartment had all that we needed –

  • Beds (which turned out to be pretty comfortable)
  • Air Con
  • Washing Machine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen
  • Safe
  • Pool within the complex

Viengping Mansion_1Viengping Mansion_2This apartment is on a corner site on the second floor and the main windows look out to the entrance area and the other side of the building. There is a washing machine in the apartment and a small drying rack; if needed there are also driers (and more washing machines) on the outside of the ground floor that are available 24 hours. Cost of the drier is 10 THB ($0.40 NZD) for 10 minutes.

The Wi-Fi was erratic and pretty much non existent in the master bedroom most of the time. We figured (based on the network name we were advised to use) this was because we were sharing the router with another room a couple of doors down from us and the master bedroom is the furtherest away from that room.

Unfortunately the pool was also out of action for the bulk of our stay which was pretty disappointing as they obviously don’t have the correct cleaning/maintenance system in place. The day we arrived it was green and closed, the second day it was open but only slightly clearer and then it finally cleared up but we still got quite sore eyes from the water. On day 13 of our stay the water was green again and the pool was closed and while we understand that these things can happen occasionally, for the pool to be closed for such a long time due to poor maintenance when you are paying for those facilities is not the best service. When asking the property manager about the state of the pool and when it might be open again they couldn’t really give an exact date but the ‘3-4 days’ turned into over a week. We were offered two complimentary coffees for the inconvenience but in this type of weather we would prefer that they had the facilities they advertise in a useable state. The pool was closed for a total of 10 days but when it opened it was still pretty green and dirty on the bottom. We weren’t keen to swim in it and waited another 4 days until it was cleaned properly and the water was clear again.

This building is located in Nimmanhaemin (often referred to as just ‘Nimman’) and was a very lively area which apparently has been “bubbling away for a good few years now as the new ‘alternative’ tourism and leisure hotspot in Chiang Mai.” There is definitely plenty to see and do and a lot of places to eat so would recommend the area, but perhaps just a different accommodation option.

We mostly walked around the area as there is a lot close by. Distance to –

  • Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre – 200m
  • Nimmanhaemin Road – 350m
  • Think Park – 350m
  • Kat Rin Kham Night Bazaar – 400m
  • The Flying Pig (amazing restaurant) – 1.2km
  • Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre – 1.3km
  • To the north west corner of the old city square – 1.6km

Uber and Grab are also widely available around Chiang Mai as well as the red baht buses which are usually around 30 THB per person depending on distance.

Price – $58.29 NZD per night (included a monthly discount, cleaning fee & Airbnb service fees)