Thailand, Hua Hin – Wararom Village

When searching for properties around Hua Hin we found quite a few, although most had the utilities as an extra cost which isn’t great for budgeting but you can also be mindful of usage like we were in Penang and possibly save a bit.

This house (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms) had a huge monthly discount of 61%, which was a great start and was by far the closest to the centre of Hua Hin. We contacted the host prior to ensure we knew all the extra costs for our 4 week stay –

  • Unlimited internet = 800 THB/$32 NZD
  • Water = 200 THB/$8 NZD
  • Electricity = 7 THB/$0.28 NZD per unit (which we could monitor via the outside meter)

The house was a lot larger than the photos in the Airbnb listing showed and we were so pleased with the house once we had checked it all out. The house is situated within Wararom Village, which is a gated village of just 12 houses, down a laneway 250m from the main road and about 3km from the city centre. It is a very quiet area and you rarely hear much noise from anything. There are a few dogs that roam around on the laneway but we had no trouble from them as most seem to actually be pets or pretty domesticated.hua-hin_airbnb-house.jpgThe pool was a lot smaller than we had been used to after the large swimming facilities at the much larger apartment complexes in KL and Penang, however it was only shared by the 12 houses within the village and there was still plenty of area for having lots of water fun. hua-hin_pool.jpgOur host, Kowit, was very helpful with any questions we had and even though we had a washing machine on site, the towels were changed once a week as part of the rental service. We arrived to bottles of water in the fridge (previous hosts have left the water out so it was never cold when we arrived) and also some lovely fresh fruit – very nice touches. The king bed in the master bedroom and the single bed in bedroom 3 were comfortable, however the queen in the second room was pretty hard. All the furnishings were comfortable and all the curtains matched and covered the full area of the window when closed. There are air con units in all the bedrooms and the downstairs lounge area, as well as a stand up fan.

Wararom Village_Hua Hin

Distant to:

  • The main road – 250m
  • Small shops, food stalls, restaurants – 500-600m
  • Outside night foodcourt – 800m
  • Big C Supermarket/Pharmacy/Coffee Shop/KFC/a few small stalls – 900m

To head into town or other markets around the area, we used tuk tuks or the local green baht bus.

We also hired a car so we could travel a little further and explore on our own time rather than with a tour or driver. We used Easy Car Rental and their service was outstanding. They delivered the vehicle to us (& picked it up at the end of the rental period) as we were well within 25kms of central Hua Hin and we didn’t have to pay an excessive hold/deposit via credit card (just a cash one of 5,000 THB/$200 NZD which was also our insurance excess if needed). Having the car for 3 days meant the total cost was only 1,000 THB/$40 NZD per day (This included Thai VAT, comprehensive 1st class insurance and personal accident insurance). This gave us some great freedom to get out of Hua Hin and explore more of the surrounding region and it’s amazing national parks.

Price – $33.40 NZD per night (included a monthly discount, cleaning fee, Airbnb service fees, electricity, internet & water)