Thailand, Lopburi – Thakrayang Brass Artisan Stay

We had initially booked a home in Ayutthaya for these five nights, however a late cancellation by the Airbnb hosts a couple of days beforehand had us scrambling to find a new place to stay. Being December and only a couple of days away, many of the options were already booked, but we managed to find Thakrayang Brass Artisan Stay in Lopburi via Agoda.

Not knowing much about the area a little research ensued, which found that the region is known for its sunflowers, Khmer ruins and being the monkey capital of Thailand. All of which appealed to the family and having a rental car already meant that we could explore the area freely.

The accommodation was a little hard to find as it was off roads that were not shown on either Apple maps or We arrived to find the ‘resort’ under semi-construction and later finding out our overwater bungalow was only two months old. The accommodation was pretty basic which included two small rooms each having a double mattress on the floor, a wall mounted TV and an air-conditioning unit. Both doors of the rooms led outside to the balcony where the very small bathroom was located along with a decent sized seating area.Thakrayang Brass Artisan Stay_Lopburi_Thailand_1The boys quickly found there was no wi-fi signal and an enquiry with the owner found that there was no wi-fi; however she later dropped off a mobile wi-fi unit which was much appreciated.

The resort is a couple of kilometres from the town, which without your own transport would be problematic, however this also means you are surrounded by trees and rice fields which makes for a pretty decent backdrop as the sun rises and sets each day.Thakrayang Brass Artisan Stay_Lopburi_Thailand_2There is three different types of rooms currently available at the resort with construction of more bungalows underway. It will be interesting to see what the resort is like once it is completed as the standard of the accommodation seems quite high.

There were however several shortcomings, which included about six dogs living on site. Some of which were quite aggressive, as I found out when I tried to retrieve something from our car one night and ended up being surrounded by them snarling and barking. They would also lie on the over water pathway to our bungalow when we were outside and one night they got into our rubbish located on the deck. There are also no staff located on site which meant phone calls and waiting when we needed anything like water or toiletries. Hopefully this changes once the resort is completed.

All in all we enjoyed our stay, however considering what the resort currently offers, it is overpriced by a good 10-20%.

Distance to:

  • Ruins/Night Markets – 2.5km

If you don’t have your own transport there were a few baht buses floating around and motorcycle taxis (motocys as they are known here).

Price – $60.30 NZD per night (no extra fees or costs)