Vietnam, Sa Pả – Peace Valley Hotel

We were only in Sa Pả for four nights so we booked a pretty cheap hotel just on the edge of the township to reduce our nightly rate. We booked a family room (2 x larger beds & 1 x single) at Peace Valley Hotel via Valley Hotel_Sapa_VietnamOur room was compact, 2 beds were reasonably comfortable and 1 was rock hard. The duvets were nice and warm. The room had a wall mounted TV, a small wardrobe, 2 chairs, a small table and separate bathroom. The shower pressure was good but hot water ran out quite quickly, even after short showers. Wi-Fi in our room was pretty reasonable.

Unfortunately the room was cold and damp even on days when the sun was out and anything left on the tiles ended up damp. The days it rained we asked for a heater as it was so cold in our room and we were provided a small, old-fashioned one which did help a little. The room only has one window and it is right next to a large rock wall so the room gets no sun but it makes it very dark for sleeping. The path to someone’s house goes right past the window to their doorway and they were quite loud at all hours during our stay.Peace Valley Hotel_Sapa_Vietnam_1Breakfast was included in our booking and the selection was from noodle soups, pancakes and different egg dishes. They were simple meals and we were surprised that not even one drink was included (a lot less than we have experienced for breakfast at other places in Vietnam). We were also told it would cost us 10,000 VDN for a small knob of butter (which was actually margarine) for our baguettes.

Sa Pả is a town under a major overhaul, numerous building sites, road & water/sewerage pipe repairs and mountains being dug out so there is plenty of noise, dust (or mud after it rains) and huge trucks and buses on the roads at all hours.

Distant to:

  • Markets – 200m
  • Sa Pả Lake – 800m
  • Notre Dame Cathedral/Town Square – 1.4km

There are many taxis in the area and plenty of tourists buses.

Price – $27.33 NZD per night (included breakfast)